Halo Legends

Posted by on Jul 26, 2009 in Others, Xbox 360

Halo mecha-esque anime for the win? Lol, not exactly mecha but some of the spartans seems to have been decked out with your traditional over the top japanese-animation-style designs in this new anime based on...

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Bayonetta Japan Release Date

Posted by on Jul 16, 2009 in PS3, Xbox 360

Fancy a Devil May Cry game with a woman as the lead? If your a fan of the father of Devil May Cry, no doubt you’ve heard about his latest creation featuring the ass kicking witch (Bayonetta) famous for...

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Slim PS3 Spotted in the Philippines!?!

Posted by on Jul 14, 2009 in PS3

Wow, now where did this come from? Looks like the Philippines has been stirring up the videogame world again, and well some of the news articles on this have been very saddening to me. Making the Philippines...

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