About Me

I’m Georald Camposano (“Geo”) and I have been involved with web development since the middle of 2008. I currently take advantage of the Yii PHP Framework for development with MySQL as my primary relational database choice. I am also currently delving into the exciting world of server-side JavaScript using Node.js.

When not programming, you’ll usually find me in front of a TV playing a videogame or 2 (or on a couch with my vita or 3ds or something to kill time). Believe it or not but I am also into breakdancing as a hobby. I always try to find time to hang out at Massive Monkees’ “The Beacon” over at Downtown Seattle to work on this special skill of mine 🙂

Early Life, Education and Experience

I grew up living in the Philippines for pretty much my entire life. I went to school there, made lots of friends, visited all sorts of places, that kind of stuff. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and worked for the IT company Zeniark for 4 and half years as a web developer. My Zeniark experience consisted of:

  • Building PHP-powered websites for clients (from design to development to production and support)
  • Creation and support for web-based, in-house applications
  • Managing web hosting accounts (domain management as well as other miscellaneous duties such as setting up FTP accounts, email, installing SSL certificates, etc)
  • Setting up and configuring Virtual Dedicated Servers (running both Windows Server and CentOS)
  • Assuming the Programming Team Lead position where I get to manage tasks for co-developers, be part of the hiring process for new programmers and get to communicate with clients (together with the Project Manager) regarding projects and requirements.

I migrated to the US with my fiancée last January 2013 and got married a month later.

Work Experience

May 2013 – Present PGI Auto Bothell, WA
Web Developer
June 2008 – January 2013 Zeniark, LLC Clark, Philippines
Programming Team Lead
November 2007 – March 2008 Digital Infostructure Makati, Philippines