Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Demo Available Now

That’s right! Despite the game being pushed back for PCs due to the integration of physX (I doubt that’s the reason. More like to even out consoles and pc sales I guess, or prevent piracy. Like that’s possible haha), looks like all you dark crusader fans are still in luck. The demo just got released after showing up on PSN and Xbox Live and weighs in at around 2gb. Initial impressions around the web show that this here might just become the best batman game ever (not like it has any serious competition with previous games in the series lol).

I’m pretty excited myself. Downloading the demo right now as I type. Hopefully with physX enabled + AA, I’ll still be able to max it out with my GTX 275 ^^. Here’s a link to the download:

Yu Suzuki Retires As Creative Officer

Yup, you read that right. The main man behind the arcade hits you grew up with such as Virtua Series has officially retired from his position as “Creative Officer” at Sega of Japan.

The creator of titles like Virtua Fighter, OutRun and Shenmue has “retired” from his Creative Officer position at Sega of Japan, Sega announced this week. But the company isn’t done with Yu Suzuki just yet.

While Sega-Sammy notes that Suzuki has “retired” from his role as Creative Officer of the AM Plus R&D department, he’ll still have some influence at Sega. The developer will continue on as manager of that group, in a role that GameSpot, by way of Sega reps, says is of “diminished capacity.”


Man, does this mean that there’s no more hope for Shenmue 3?? For cryin out loud, the game’s entire story has been set in stone already for years I believe.

Halo Legends

Halo mecha-esque anime for the win? Lol, not exactly mecha but some of the spartans seems to have been decked out with your traditional over the top japanese-animation-style designs in this new anime based on the mega popular Microsoft IP, Halo. Coming out late 2009 with the title “Halo Legends”, hopefully they don’t stray too far from the Halo Universe and fill it up with your usual array of generic anime characters and cheesy storylines.

Bayonetta Japan Release Date

Fancy a Devil May Cry game with a woman as the lead? If your a fan of the father of Devil May Cry, no doubt you’ve heard about his latest creation featuring the ass kicking witch (Bayonetta) famous for having her hair make up her clothes lol.

A release date was just announced for Japan, October 29, and if you pre-order, you get to nab a special soundtrack disc. Cool eh! Well let’s just hope the other territorial releases aren’t too far out.

Slim PS3 Spotted in the Philippines!?!

Wow, now where did this come from? Looks like the Philippines has been stirring up the videogame world again, and well some of the news articles on this have been very saddening to me. Making the Philippines look like its stealing stuff doesn’t sound good to me, especially when we’ve already been associated with so much piracy crap. Anyway, here’s the controversial video in question:

Legit or not? Looks pretty damn real to me, and I heard its being sold for 20000 pesos which is a reasonable price for a PS3 and not something like a Polystation or anything fake like that. Plus, it looks very very close to the PS3 slim images that were leaked a while ago and the craftsmanship is just something you wouldn’t find in a cheapo mockup:

Hopefully, more news comes out on this. If only I had the time, I’d go do my own investigation on this hot thing.

Zeppelin 2gb Ram Sticks

Just bought some new RAM earlier. I currently have 1x2gb ddr2-800 team elite ram on my rig but found out (after installing Windows 7 64bit and playing Crysis Warhead lol) that my system was basically begging for more. So I went out to the local computer shop and found 2 types of ram available. The Godly expensive Geil Evo One 4gb kit and the Godly cheap looking Zeppelin 2GB sticks haha. I figured I wasn’t OC’ing anyway so I went with cheap ones and bought 2 of them (well, at least they had heat spreaders) for a dual-channel config and to bring my total to 6gb (just like triple channel i7 6gb kits haha).

Seeing the specs in the little sticker attached to it, I was hoping there wouldn’t be any issues since they were CAS5-rated ram sticks like my Team Elite ones. Unsurprisingly (given their unknown brand), they were CAS5 only at ddr2-667 speeds and CAS6 at ddr2-800 T_T. So I had to run the Team Elite ones a notch lower at 333mhz, unless I loosen their timings to match Mister Zeppelin here.

The good thing is that I didn’t really feel any performance decrease with the lower speed. It also eliminated my stuttering problems now in Crysis and I could even run it at DX9 64bit now ^^. Windows 7 feels a lot snappier now too, and a lot more responsive even with multiple things going on. Guess it isn’t so bad if you run everything at stock

Mechwarrior 5 Debut Trailer

I’m no big follower of the mechwarrior games, but I did play the Mechassault 1 and 2 on the original xbox and those were some pretty good games. I’m guessing a lot of PC and 360 fans will be anticipating this game a lot. I will too not because of the name, but because of this amazing reveal trailer that was just shown. If you ask me, I’d rate this the same as that old Killzone 2 video. Hopefully, its all ingame ^^