Dark Void = Straight to the Void

I’m sorry to say this but it looks like Capcom and Airtight Games’ Dark Void is destined to be a complete failure. In fact, the game never even grabbed my attention with the 1st trailers shown last year. I might be talking too early since I’ve only played through the training and 1st mission on my PC, but from what I’ve seen (andheard from other people who have tried out the demo), things are not looking good.

Controls are not that responsive (especially during flight), graphics are damn mediocre for a 2010 title even at the highest settings, and the gameplay itself plays like a crippled Gears of War wannabe with Rocketeer-esque sections that just are not enjoyable based on that short training course in the beginning. Plus despite the bad visuals, performance on the PC doesn’t make much sense especially with all the stuttering and crap. My GTX 275 should be handling the Unreal engine with ease but that doesn’t seem to be the case here!

So what just happened here? Airtight Games is composed of people who worked on one of the best Xbox games released back then, Crimson Skies, so its surprising to see them come up with a game this bad. If you ask me, Capcom should have just developed this title themselves instead of having another company do it since I believe their proprietary engine would have done wonders here (I mean, just compare this to something like Lost Planet, which was one of Capcom’s first next generation games lol. Leagues apart in both performance and quality). So sad to see a very cool concept executed so poorly.

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