Demo Overload!

I have always been a fan of demos for games before release. I know a lot of people would prefer not to spoil themselves before getting a hold of the next big game coming out, but that doesn’t apply to me. Demos are here to help you decide if buying a game will be worth it or not. Plus, they’re good for trying something new once in a while, especially if the demo is worth it. And I must say, the demos out now for sure will catch a lot of people’s attention.

Resi 4-type gameplay with Next Gen Graphics? Sign me up!

Resident Evil 5 and Killzone 2, together with other titles to look forward to like FEAR 2 and Halo Wars, should have their demos out by now. I personally have only tried the RE demo and I must say, that’s one game I’ll be buying for sure (this has to be best looking multiplatform now, Capcom sure has built an amazing engine). Halo Wars would be my second next purchase, though I still have to try out the demo since I’m a bit skeptical on how the controls will work (been hearing good things about it though so I hope everything’s good).

Check out the best looking FPS game (yes, better than Crysis in motion IMO)

As for Killzone 2, this game sure is making me want to own a PS3 now. Hopefully, some miracle comes my way and a PS3 would find its place in our console collection at home ^^.

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