EGM November 2008 Reviews

Straight out of Neogaf:


Wario Land: Shake it! – C+, A-, C+
Good: Classic Wario playability, sumptuous artwork
Bad: Lackluster levels, tired design

De Blob – B
Good: Simple, colorful fun
Bad: Too-similar levels, unnecessary motion controls

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames – B+, B-, B
Good: Endlessly satisfying destruction
Bad: Gimped co-op, lacks polish

Megaman 9 – B+
Good: Old-school aesthetic and challenge
Bad: Difficulty sometimes borders on masochistic

Silent Hill: Homecoming – B, C+, B-
Good: Silent Hill never looked so good
Bad: Slow framerate, clunky controls

Fracture – C-
Good: Terraforming works well enough
Bad: Ridiculously derivative

Midnight Club: Los Angeles – B
Good: Solid controls, addictive leveling system, amazing re-creation of LA
Bad: inconsistent difficulty, some visual glitches and framerate

NBA Live 09 – B
Good: Daily roster updates
Bad: Way too many blocks

NBA 2K9 – A-
Good: 5-on-5 online games
Bad: Complicated controls

FIFA 09 – B+
Good: Improves a lot of stuff that FIFA 09 did wrong
Bad: Goalkeeper A.I. is still frustratingly incompetent

Infinite Undiscovery – B, B, C+
Good: Seamless real-time battles
Bad: Clunky menus and interfaces

Rock Band 2 – A-, A-, A
Good: Enormous setlist
Bad: Unlocking songs is taxing

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – A GOTM
Good: Fantastic action-lite RPG in the spirit of Super Mario RPG series
Bad: BioWare’s buyout by EA may mean no sequels

The Legend of Kage 2 – B-
Good: Classic ninja gameplay
Bad: Rudimentary level design

Away: Shuffle Dungeon – B-
Good: Clever core gimmick with solid action on top
Bad: Not much going on beyond the gimmick

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia – A-
Good: Deep gameplay, spooky graphics and music
Bad: Confusing puzzles, cut-and-paste levels

Kirby: Super Star Ultra – A-
Good: Plenty of powers to absorb
Bad: Forgettable DS-specific features

Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise – B+
Good: Addictive as always!
Bad: Addictive as always…

Star Ocean: The First Departure – B+
Good: Addictive item creation, relationship bulding
Bad: Archaic storyline and presentation

Spore – B+
Good: Seeing you and your buddies’ creations
Bad: An imperfect mix of genres


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