Hlc Contractual Agreement

Author: Georald Camposano | December 10th, 2020

Information Policy directive F.20.040 requests that an accredited institution apply for HLC authorisation when the institution considers setting up a contractual agreement in which the institution has set up part of its diploma/main programmes offered for academic credits (including teaching, supervision of the curriculum, consistency of level and quality of teaching, as well as expectations for student performance and/or the definition of academic qualifications of teachers) in Stage 5. After the campus is authorized, information on the contractual agreement for teaching is submitted by the university`s HLC link to the HLC. The first step of HLC is a screening step. The Commission`s response on the basis of screening information will determine whether a full proposal is needed. A full proposal follows the form established by the HLC and is subject to approval by the faculty/UAPC before being submitted to the HLC. Contractual agreements continue to be reviewed by the HSC in full evaluations or at other times, when they raise concerns, as part of the HSC`s efforts to ensure compliance with the Institute`s practices and accreditation criteria. In addition, the U.S. Department`s expectations of institutions for contractual agreements can have a significant impact on Title IV funding. Step one.

The proposed contractual agreement is first approved by the program`s faculty. If UW-Madison enters into a contractual agreement for the granting of UW-Madison credits, these agreements are subject to academic approval from the faculty of the client or department, the dean of the school/university and the University Academic Planning Council. Authorization or prior notification of the clHP may be required for substantial changes related to the introduction, modification or renewal of contractual agreements. A contractual agreement is an agreement by which the institution relocates part of its academic programs – i.e. diplomas or certificates offered for academic credits: these types of contractual agreements requiring reporting and possibly HLC approval, scientific authorizations from the UW-Madison are required. These authorizations show that the contractual agreement is overseet by the faculty of the program, the dean and the faculty administration process. Note: If the contractor is accredited by a condator recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, it is not a contractual agreement.

HLC notification or prior authorization is not required. Note: This type of contractual agreement is subject to extensive review and is only approved by the HLC in exceptional cases. Note that the federal provisions provide that educational programs offered under contractual agreements between an accredited institution and an ineligible organization, of which more than 50 per cent of the educational program is offered by the ineligible unit, do not receive Title IV assistance, even if it is approved by the accreditor. Expectations in HLC, as expressed in adopted practices, guide values and accreditation criteria, are consistent with the evaluation of contractual agreements in which they relate to teaching and learning. The HLC`s guide values stipulate that institutions participating in an agreement that meets the above definition must complete HLC`s contract agreement screening form. The following information is intended for general direction. Institutions considering amending a contractual agreement should contact their HLC staff to confirm that prior authorization or notification for HLC is required. HLC Rationale, cited in the HLC material: when an institution outsources part of an academic program, including to an organization not accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S.

Department of Education, a priority of the Commission is to ensure that the institution has not delegated its basic responsibilities in a way that can delegate its capacity

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