Investment Advisory Agreement Form

Author: Georald Camposano | April 10th, 2021

Based on the information provided by the client, you assist the client in: The “Conditions of The Agreement” section refers to the date on which your relationship with the financial advisor begins and the expected duration of that relationship. Unless you have a fixed deadline to work with the advisor, this section may say that the contract will remain in effect until you have terminated both. The client understands that the performance of a new warranty acquired as a result of the Tax Loss Harvest Program may be better or worse than the guarantee sold for the collection of tax losses. The client understands that he should consult his own professional tax advisors on the consequences of the loss of tax in light of the client`s own circumstances and the impact on the client`s tax returns. The client is responsible for tracking the client`s and spouse`s other accounts to ensure that securities transactions on these accounts do not create “washing sales” when coupled with the tax loss Harvest Program. When a wash-sell transaction occurs, the Internal Revenue Service cannot authorize or delay the loss for the current purposes of the income tax return. Laundry sale is when a warranty on behalf of the customer (or an account of the client`s spouse) is sold with a loss related to the customer`s purchase or a substantially similar warranty within 30 calendar days following the sale. Communications and Communications: Unless this agreement expressly provides for another form of communication, all communications required or authorized under this contract must be written and sufficient in all respects when (i) is sent by U.S. mail, (ii) by access to the website and e-mail communications, or (iii) by e-mail, to the address indicated by the customer to BrightPlan. The customer understands and accepts that BrightPlan`s main method of communicating with the customer, in conjunction with the services, is to publish information on the site, and that the customer may not always receive a separate message that new information has been published on the site.

The customer therefore undertakes to check the site regularly. The customer may revoke this consent for BrightPlan to send an e-mail message to the customer at any time notifying BrightPlan. Limitation of liability: For investment recommendations for the client, BrightPlan only takes into account the information provided by the customer. Unless otherwise provided by law, BrightPlan is not liable to the client for losses that the client may suffer as a result of recommendations or other measures that BrightPlan would take in good faith and with this degree of diligence, competence, prudence and diligence in the circumstances that a prudent person would employ as a fiduciary; (b) losses resulting from BrightPlan`s compliance with the customer`s instructions; (c) losses resulting from an investment that the client owns or deducts, which BrightPlan does not recommend; (d) any act or not committed by the custodian, the thinker or other third parties; (e) losses resulting from the client`s non-compliance with BrightPlan`s investment advice; (f) losses resulting from the client`s inability to provide BrightPlan with up-to-date, up-to-date and accurate information about the investment profile and investment plan; (g) losses due to conditions and events beyond their control, including, but not limited to, electrical, mechanical or device failures, computer system failures and failures, system access problems, system capacity problems, delays on the part of third parties and/or communications companies. Federal and state securities laws require, in certain circumstances, persons who act in good faith and, therefore, nothing in this agreement will waive or limit the rights that the client may have under those laws. BrightPlan`s obligation to provide the services listed above rests with the customer who provides the information requested by BrightPlan about the customer. BrightPlan only manages security and cash stays on the customer account.

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