I’ve reached the end of Halo Reach

Beaten and conquered (well, not exactly until I beat it in Legendary), I’ve finally completed all the main Halo games’ campaigns yesterday. ODST is the only thing that’s missing so I’m still trying to find time to beat that.

So what do I think about Bungie’s final Halo game? Can’t say much about multiplayer but the single player campaign seems to deliver everything Halo fans wanted. More epic set pieces, larger levels with lots of vehicle driving, and none of that corridor map crap found in previous Halo games. Yeah graphics are a mixed bag but overall, the game is just awesome! I always loved the single player campaigns of past Halo games but always put Halo CE on the top of them all. Now I can finally put that to rest as Halo Reach has finally succeeded in overthrowing the original in just about everything.

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