Leaked PC Game "Batman: Arkham Asylum" has problems?

Yep, if you are one of those downloading the leaked direct2drive copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum right now, be warned that it contains a lot of game breaking and irritating bugs in it. It might be an early beta copy because some of the core files are actually older than the ones found in the demo. Or maybe its just a part of the Joker’s gloriously sprung trap lol.

Anyway, one fix to get physx working was to copy over some of the demo files. Unfortunately, you’ll still encounter frequent crashes due to some other files missing. The grappling hook also doesn’t work in some key points and there are places where NPCs will just stop spawning. Game breaking indeed.

It might be a faulty crack, or a faulty beta release or whatever. The game is still a few days away from release and its a leaked copy so you can’t blame the developers. Just buy it when it comes out, the developers deserve it for giving us the best comic book game ever.

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