Nintendo DS Version 3 (DSi)

Looks like Nintendo wants to come out with a 3rd iteration to their insanely popular handheld (damn, this thing just flies in Japan. Seems like every person in a japanese family has 1 or 2). This time called the DSi, it’ll include a couple of new features compared to the DS Lites we have now. Here’s the lowdown:

* No more GBA slot, the size has been reduced by 12%.
* 2x 0.3 Megapixel (640×480) camera (1 in front and 1 at the back)
* Built-in memory
* On-board browser
* SD card slot
* Photo and sound editor

What, no GBA slot? Well it seems Nintendo had to cut that out in order to get the DSi to have all these new features, while at the same time getting it to become even slimmer than its predecessors. Not really a big deal if you ask me since mostly everyone in the Universe has a DS already so they could still use that for GBA games, and get this new one if they need the new features.

The DSi goes on sale at Japan on November 1 for 18,900 yen. That’s about $185. No details yet on a US release.

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