Handled Projects

  • A social networking website with geneology-options to manage family member connections. Created HTML and CSS (from layout images), database structure and base code foundation using the Yii framework.
  • ( – French website that allowed registered users to post ads to sell services to other people (or search for needed services). Built out the database structure, login and registration code (which included facebook and twitter integration) and parts of the user (searching ads) and admin side (managing posted ads). Also created a RESTful api for the site, as well as its documentation (sample documentation).
  • ( – Together with a flash designer, created a flash-based tool that allowed users to create and save custom rugby uniform designs. Flash integration with php was done using amfphp.
  • Online resume tracker. A system that allowed our client to create, upload and manage resumes submitted online. Built using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.
  • (Online Calling Card) – Online calling card/profiles. Created in Flash.
  • ( – Website that uses stored users in a MySQL database for personalized urls (e.g., for marketing purposes. Created the backend/handling of purls as well as a admin panel that shows site statistics/analytics gathered from google analytics (using gapi)


Other Online Samples

  • Family builder tool extracted from a social networking site project I worked on. Created tool using HTML, CSS, javascript. jQuery was used, as well as a jQuery collision plugin for handling collisions between nodes. jsPlumb was used to create the connections between members.
  • Used in a social networking site project for uploading images. Used jQuery, imgareaselect jQuery plugin, plupload.


Web Development PHP | MySQL | Ajax | HTML | CSS
Frameworks Yii | Laravel | Vue.JS