Quake Live now Open!

Quake Live

You read that right folks. For all those who weren’t able to snatch a beta key, ID is finally moving Quake Live from closed to open beta stage this Feb 24. There’s a timer on the site (7 hours left here) so you know when to start fragging online.

For those of you living under a rock, Quake Live is basically Quake 3 online with some fixes here and there, running straight in you web browser (IE and Firefox for now I believe), all for free! I was able to get into the beta a month or 2 ago and it definitely is Quake 3 in all its glory. Only problem was the missing servers here in Asia, which meant hellish ping times for me (3-second delay anyone?). Hopefully, the people behind this amazing app realize this and put out servers here so we can start joining in as well.

Visit the link below for the website:

Quake Live

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