Slim PS3 Spotted in the Philippines!?!

Wow, now where did this come from? Looks like the Philippines has been stirring up the videogame world again, and well some of the news articles on this have been very saddening to me. Making the Philippines look like its stealing stuff doesn’t sound good to me, especially when we’ve already been associated with so much piracy crap. Anyway, here’s the controversial video in question:

Legit or not? Looks pretty damn real to me, and I heard its being sold for 20000 pesos which is a reasonable price for a PS3 and not something like a Polystation or anything fake like that. Plus, it looks very very close to the PS3 slim images that were leaked a while ago and the craftsmanship is just something you wouldn’t find in a cheapo mockup:

Hopefully, more news comes out on this. If only I had the time, I’d go do my own investigation on this hot thing.

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