Yu Suzuki Retires As Creative Officer

Yup, you read that right. The main man behind the arcade hits you grew up with such as Virtua Series has officially retired from his position as “Creative Officer” at Sega of Japan.

The creator of titles like Virtua Fighter, OutRun and Shenmue has “retired” from his Creative Officer position at Sega of Japan, Sega announced this week. But the company isn’t done with Yu Suzuki just yet.

While Sega-Sammy notes that Suzuki has “retired” from his role as Creative Officer of the AM Plus R&D department, he’ll still have some influence at Sega. The developer will continue on as manager of that group, in a role that GameSpot, by way of Sega reps, says is of “diminished capacity.”


Man, does this mean that there’s no more hope for Shenmue 3?? For cryin out loud, the game’s entire story has been set in stone already for years I believe.

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